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Emily Zipps has 3.2 books in varying stages of the publishing process. All of her books involve queer women realizing that they like each other, and also guacamole. Her new goal is to use the word "florid" in her work in progress.

Zipps is represented by Courtney Miller-Callihan at Handspun Literary Agency.

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Temporary Ink

An adult romcom about soulmates, compulsory heterosexuality, free will, and cacti

An image of a tall cactus in the sunlight


A YA contemporary fantasy about magic, wildfires, chipotle burrito bowls, and falling in love

Camp Fire

Not Here to Make Friends

Bachelor in Paradise  x  Wet Hot American Summer  x  Those two women who fell in love during The Bachelor Vietnam and left together

Summer camp

Alice Higgenplatz and the Enormous Lie She Technically Never Told

[working title because i get it]

A romcom in which I fulfill the promise I made to myself in my notes app of "butch love interest with an enormous dog."

a beautiful dog
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