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Emily Zipps


Piles of Books
Piles of Books

Writing Backstory

Zipps learned how to write under the careful tutelage of several exemplary public school teachers, although she never properly learned to spell. Zipps is passionate about telling creative queer stories about women falling in love with each other, and also about stealing all of her friends' dogs for her manuscripts. 

Disability Advocate

Zipps has multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease in which her immune system has mistaken her brain and spine for a snack. There's no cure, but the treatment involves systematically wiping out her immune system, which has been particularly inconvenient since March 2020. Zipps likes to hang out with the National MS Society, and you can catch her in a recent cover-story, a commercial, a podcast, and a vlog.

Brain Scans


Zipps grew up in southern California, and has lived all over the US. She has lived the following tropes: friends-to-lovers, I swear this is platonic handholding,  mutual pining, and, of course, there was only one bed. By day, Zipps works in higher education supporting students. She specializes in conflict transformation, equity & inclusion, facilitation, and communications training. She works in the realms of race, religion, disability, and queer stuff. Zipps lives in New Mexico with her wife and their dog.



Now for the content you really want. Zipps has a dog named Kona, who has the body of a small coyote and the personality of a cat who is the queen of a small but proud nation. She loves to chase roadrunners and is afraid of sounds. She has enormous ears and if you say "dreidel" she'll spin around in a circle.

A picture of a dog. The dog is a terrier mix with brown fur and a big pointy ears, next to a tree.
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